Doula Week, Birthdays and Mom

Yesterday I celebrated another birthday. This was a special one, I celebrated my first birthday as a doula and it just so happens that this week is World Doula Week.

As I reflected on the past year, all the accomplishments and all the times I was stretched and forced to grow, my mind kept drifting back to my mom.

I am the firstborn. I broke my parent’s into this gig. But it was my mom who taught me so many vital skills, many that I am using as a doula.

My mom raised us in a loving home where we felt confident to be ourselves. She taught us compassion, patience and forgiveness. She taught us to give the benefit of the doubt and look for the best in people. My mom is the most giving person I know. She thinks of others, always.

Yesterday wasn’t just my birthday, it was her birth day, too. And I couldn’t be more thankful for the mom I have.

Celebrating Life

Yesterday I walked down the long hospital connector and came to the place where I had checked in many times to watch the miracle of life begin outside the womb.  A walk that has become routine to me into a place of joy and happiness. To a place where a baby takes his first breathe, where families grow and celebrate a new addition.

We passed the door to the maternity unit and headed for the heart and vascular care unit instead. While we were going to celebrate a life of a special woman, we were also going to say goodbye, at least for our time here on Earth.

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