Birth Worker Marketing

Let’s be honest, the reason most of your clients are drawn to the services you provide is because of YOU. Your genuine personality, compassion and character is what really drives your business. If a family isn’t 100% sold on you, regardless of your experience, they probably won’t hire you. So, are you realizing your full potential by putting your best foot forward? If not, let’s talk.

Brand Design

When people find out about your services, what’s their first impression? If their first impression isn’t what you’d like it to be chances are you need to evaluate your brand. The most basic aspect of a brand is your logo. But, a brand goes way beyond just a logo, it reflects your personality, your integrity and your professionalism. It works its way into all aspects of your business, from your communication on social media to how you interact with clients in the birthing environment. Your clients want a brand they can trust, connect with and find confidence in. Are you creating this type of first impression? If not, contact us. We’d love to help you develop the foundational tools to successfully market your birth services.

Package 1: Custom Brand/Logo Design

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Website Development

Once your brand has been established, make sure your target audience can find it! The most cost effecient and effective way to share you brand is through the internet. This may include social media, email and other communication methods but the primary resource for information about you is your website – all other communication methods point here. An effective website will not only share information about your services, it will define your brand and inspire potential clients to work with you. How many potential clients are you passing up by not having a strong online presence? We offer a variety of website packages to fit your needs. Contact us today for more information.

Package 2: Custom Brand/Logo Design and Website Development

Marketing Basics

You’ve established your brand and defined your servcies online, now what about face-to-face meetings with clients? Marketing basics reinforce the integrity of your brand through personal interaction with clients. Leave your clients with the information they need to be confident in you, your services and the choice they made to hire you. Contact us for more information on our marketing services or to request a free quote.

Package 3: Custom Brand/Logo Design, Website and Business Materials (Business Cards, Intake Forms and Contract)

We also offer birth worker products to support your marketing efforts and help generate new client leads within your community. Visit our shop to view more.

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