Celebrating Life

Yesterday I walked down the long hospital connector and came to the place where I had checked in many times to watch the miracle of life begin outside the womb.  A walk that has become routine to me into a place of joy and happiness. To a place where a baby takes his first breathe, where families grow and celebrate a new addition.

We passed the door to the maternity unit and headed for the heart and vascular care unit instead. While we were going to celebrate a life of a special woman, we were also going to say goodbye, at least for our time here on Earth.

Thirteen years ago, while pregnant with our oldest, my husband and I started to attend a local church. There we met some very wonderful people who we still consider family.  Among that group is a one of the most tenderhearted and giving persons I know, Patty Hand.

Brent and I were fortunate to have been a part of a group of adults who were passionate about dedicating their time and hearts to the teens of the church.  We met weekly with them and though our time was spent focusing on the youth, they gently mentored us in our relationship with Christ and encouraged us as young parents. And helped shape our marriage with a Biblical foundation. Patty was right there, cheering us along the entire time. Always offering a smile, and often with her sweet little giggle she would remind us of God’s promises through His word.

As I sat, sitting at the side of her hospital bed, I prayed. Thanking the Lord for the time He gave me with her. I sat there thinking about life… from its beginning to the time He calls us home. As I sat there, I watched the children she gave birth to care for her, coming to her side, one from several states away, the other from halfway around the world.

As Brent and I walked out the same way we entered, I took in the surroundings of Miami Valley Hospital. I am thankful for every family that I have been able to support as my time as a doula but I am just as thankful of the time I was given to support Patty as she waits on either a miracle or God’s welcoming arms as He calls her Home.

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